WBKO: Professional musicians bringing culture, love of music to Warren County

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You know that we are passionate about teaching music. We are so excited that WBKO came to our studio Tuesday July 20th 2021, and did an awesome interview about Essential Music Org and the upcoming event this July 31st! We are thankful to Laura Rogers and Kaley Skaggs for their care and kindness as they share about us. Below is the link and the interview you can read.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Kids are heading back to school to learn something new, but also in August you and your child can both learn a new instrument at a Warren County music studio.

At Essential Music Org, you can learn a variety of musical instruments including the violin, fiddle, classical piano, mandolin, guitar and ukulele.

Julianna Waller and Carlos Martinez are professional musicians and music educators who said they are excited to welcome new students. They want to offer them so much more than just learning an instrument.

“We offer a very personalized, customized learning path for them, teaching them the joy of music. And that student, whether it is an adult beginner or a 3-year-old, has a feeling of accomplishment of learning how to play a piece on whatever instrument they choose. Music is beautiful and we need it in our life,” said Waller.

The students at Essential Music Org say that learning a new instrument through these music educators is an experience like no other.

“Ms. Julianna, she finds a way to relate to kids and she uses fun colors and she will teach it and it is really inspiring to me,” said Morgan Decker.

Copyright 2021 WBKO. All rights reserved.

We are thankful for the support of this great community.

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