2024 Uke & Pickleball Camp

You’re invited to a unique camp that combines music and pickleball for a week of fun and learning. This camp is for students age 9 to 13.
No prior experience required. 

To register please choose a session. If you have multiple students attending please fill a form for each.

Essential Music

We envision a world where access
to cultural enrichment is available to all.

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Violin, piano, ukulele, guitar, fiddling and mandolin​


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Learn about our concerts and upcoming events.​

Learn Violin & Fiddling

Discover our comprehensive violin and fiddling program, ​

Learn Piano​

We offer a classical foundation for your musical education.​

Learn Mandolin​, Guitar, Ukulele

Our programs for Guitar, Ukulele, and Mandolin are designed to provide you with comprehensive instruction and skill development.

Chamber Ensemble ​

When you join our chamber music ensemble, you’ll have the opportunity to perform the compositions of Haydn, Pleyel, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and many more​

The Red River Fiddlers​

Discover the art of fiddling and perform with the acclaimed Red River Fiddlers.​

Summer Camps 2024

Coming soon, Summer 2024, we are excited to offer camps. Stay tuned for upcoming details and the opportunity to explore what we have in store and enroll in these enriching experiences.​

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision…

is for Essential Music to profoundly enrich and positively impact society, leaving a lasting impression on those who are touched by our music. Through our interactions with you, we aim to uplift and motivate. We aspire for you to be inspired to connect with others and contribute to a better world by embracing cultural growth.

Our Mission…

At Essential Music Org, our mission is to deeply enrich and inspire every student and those influenced by their music. We provide a high-quality musical experience that cultivates a lifelong love for music, enables students to reach their highest potential, and perpetuates the art form. Through our program, students have numerous opportunities for individual growth and ensemble participation, fostering creativity, self-esteem, imagination, and personal achievement.

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