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Each person who walks through our doors to learn music has the potential to bring smiles, joy, and inspiration to others through their music. That is why we teach music, to nurture these agents of culture and goodwill.

A few words

Music, Culture, Inspiration, Growth.

Our methodology revolves around the profound appreciation of each student’s ability. We embark on a journey of discovery, carefully discerning their inherent talents, and craft our lessons with precision.

Our unwavering belief in the significance of personalized instruction stems from the understanding that no two students share identical learning paths.

Our foremost objective is to nurture growth, instilling in our students the courage to embrace musical challenges and embark on a transformative journey, elevating their skills to a higher levels in order to inspire others and serve their community.

Julianna Waller – Martinez

Julianna Waller-Martinez is a Grammy awarded violinist, National Champion fiddler, and mandolinist, with a Bachelor of Music Degree from Arizona State University.

As a testament to her versatility, she has performed on the stages of both Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry within the same year. Ms. Waller-Martinez enjoys a career as a recording artist, composer, performer, studio musician, instructor, and Mel Bay Publications author. She is a long-time member of the American String Teachers Association as well as writer / publisher member of ASCAP.

Carlos R Martinez

Music, the art of crafting beauty from invisible blocks, resonates with form, lines, movement, and storytelling. Carlos Martinez wholeheartedly embraces this belief.

Hailing from Managua, Nicaragua, he is a concert pianist, prolific composer, and a creative force in diverse musical styles. His visionary spirit seeks to infuse culture through the power of music, inspiring individuals of all ages with elegance and grace.

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