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Piano Foundations Vol. 1


Playing the piano requires discipline. One that can form technique and great tone. You must build strong fingers and work hard at memorizing a piece. But there is a higher calling to play the piano. That is to make music. To convey a story with sound and emote with your audience. It does not matter how long or short a piece is. The mission is to make excellent music. Piano Foundations Vol. I is a collection of pieces for you to learn how to play piano with musicality. To strengthen your fingers and develop your skills. Listen: *Mp3 not included. Just book.

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The ultimate goal of learning how to play the piano is to create a wonderful sound. Strong sound. I don’t mean loud. A sound that is alive. One that can be expressive.

To achieve that we must build strong fingers. We must have a ready and assertive hand position. Our elbows squared, ready to project a melody.

As teachers it is the ultimate goal to teach our student how to make the piano produce beautiful music. For this reason we wrote these melodies. We want the teacher to focus not only on technique but creativity as well. Playing an instrument requires skills but sound needs musicality. Let us encourage you to think this way when you are teaching.

Every piece must be played with a strong sound and musicality.
Get to know the piece. Ask, what is the key signature? What is the tempo? Are there any dynamics? What fingering works better? Create a story. Convey it through music, through your playing.

One more thing. Remember to enjoy each piece and your teaching. Remember to make it fun and exciting. Always encourage your students to practice and to dream. Tell them they have a voice and that their learning will not only enhance their life but bless others. Always Inspire them.

Carlos R Martinez

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Piano Foundations Vol. 1
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